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By 2021 90% of our Own Brand packaging will be widely recycled.*

When it comes to the packaging used in our Own Brand products, we know that you are actively looking to be more responsible, in terms of how the packaging products come in and how you dispose of it.

When we develop new products, we always consider how it’s packed and look at all design elements and the materials used. If we use cardboard in our products, we’re aim to source it somewhere that’s independently certified as FSC or PEFC, or we’ll use recycled board.
*as defined by the OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) guidelines.

When we use mixed materials such as laminate plastics, or plastic and aluminium, we’ll continue to work with our suppliers to evaluate suitable alternatives where these become commercially available, with the ultimate aim being to choose recyclable options.

We’re committed to making sure that 90% of the packaging we use will be widely recycled by 2021.

Tertiary Packaging, and Own Brand Packaging

Tertiary Packaging

Superdrug uses 100% recycled cardboard in tertiary packaging for online deliveries. The use of recycled card means that no virgin cardboard is required in the manufacturing process. All cardboard tertiary packaging is widely recyclable in the homes of UK customers. If the customer recycles the cardboard packaging correctly then this will be returned into the supply chain. We have now removed plastic void fill and moved to paper to protect the parcels, again 100% recycled and recyclable.

Plastic bubble wrap bags are only used for cosmetic orders. Although not widely recyclable in all curb side collections, bubble wrap bags can be recycled at plastic bag collection points. We encourage our customers to find their nearest collection point at Recyclenow.

Tertiary Packaging, and Own Brand Packaging
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